PLAN 433/533 Spring 2012


Course Description:

Introduction to the fundamental issues and technologies associated with planning for sensitive use of environmental resources. Topics include waste management, air and water quality planning, ecological systems, and methods of environmental analysis and implementation

Course content:

PLAN 433/533 Environmental Planning is an interdisciplinary course focused on teaching the connections between the natural and built environments, sustainable design choices are varying scales, and personal lifestyle choices that contribute to a greener world.  The course is 50/50 blended in format, allowing students to experience lectures both in the classroom and online, often given by guest speakers who work in the environmental field.  Other course work included online discussions over required readings, viewing online videos, researching on and offline, and writing a mock environmental recommendation plan for the student’s hometown.

Guest speakers included:
Rob Chapman, Extension Wildlife Specialist, Purdue University
Kevin Tungesvick, Restoration Ecologist, Spence Restoration Nursery
Joel Stevens, RLA, Former Associate, Storrow Kinsella Associates
Jennifer Roberts, PE, Owner, Elements Engineering
Melissa Begley, AICP, Assistant Director: Development Review Manager, City of Columbus
Dr. James Eflin, Professor and Chair, Natural Resources and Environmental Management, Ball State University
Emily Kusz, LEED AP, RLA, Williams Creek Consulting
Kevin Whited, Executive Director, IndyCOG