PLAN 481/581 Spring 2013


Course Description:

Issues and qualitative methods/techniques useful to the planner’s paramount responsibility: understanding/integrating local knowledge and values into the public decision-making process. Issues and theories of public participation. Methods and skill techniques of being informed by the public, of informing the public, and of advancing planner/constituency collaboration.

Course content:

Public Participation is an online course designed to allow students to immerse themselves in the public participation process, which they will likely participate in during their careers as urban planners.  Students read various texts concerning the organization and running of public meetings, as well as the implementation of the results.  Students attend public meetings in their current location and report back on the proceedings, which are then read by and responded to by the other students.  The students also watch interviews with design professionals, and then conduct their own interview, to hear accounts of public meetings that went well and went poorly, in order to make more effective decisions in their future careers.