PLAN 484/584 Summer 2012


Course Description:

Graphic design representation and presentation techniques. Advanced Techniques in SketchUp and Adobe Creative Suite for 3D visualization, perspective drawing, and site planning graphics. Immersion into the urban environment.  Creation of practical solutions for real world planning challenges, as well as student digital portfolio.

Course content:

PLAN 484/584 Visual Modeling is an online, interdisciplinary course that teaches students advanced techniques in SketchUp, Photoshop, InDesign, and Dreamweaver.  With that knowledge, students complete visioning projects for mock clients, showing the difference between the existing conditions in various communities and what physical improvements the students propose.  By simulating real-world projects, the student’s
knowledge of the software is markedly increased while they are able to practice tasks that they will likely undertake in the future as design professionals.

Exemplary student website from this course can be found below: